Trance McShady is an Australian artist, as well as a time-travelling Warlock. He’s been to the end, and back again, and he’s brought some wisdom with him: life’s too short not to draw dicks.

Seriously though, it’s too short to take too seriously, and too short to be complacent.

Trance McShady’s apparel is 100% organic cotton and manufactured in a Fair Wear Foundation accredited factory, run on wind and solar power. He hand draws all his art and hand prints them too in his backyard shed with water based, solvent free eco paint. Clothing doesn’t get purer than this –  if God did exist, and did a shit, and that shit was a T-shirt – it would be a Trance McShady T-shirt… no shit. It’s ethically made apparel with attitude.

He’s the artist behind the highly accurate and critically acclaimed biography of Donald Trump; Trumpy – Making Coloring Great Again… It’s in the form of an adults only colouring book so ol’ Trumpy Boy can actually read it, and so you and your friends can smear the pages in Cheezels and bodily fluids. Speaking of pages, they’re made from 100% post consumer recycled paper, and printed with vegetable based inks.

Trance McShady’s art is about pushing boundaries, and encouraging the uninhibited expression of yourself with a smile, whilst taking no prisoners, because fuck sensibilities; they are the ball of lint collecting in your belly button – useless and misguided.

Most importantly Trance McShady is a brand you can trust, no stone is left unturned when it comes to environmental and humanitarian ethics, hell even his business cards are made from recycled cotton offcuts from the T-shirt industry.

Trance McShady is made from 100% recycled atoms, structured perfectly to deliver divine inspiration from the ether, because the Earth deserves better, and so do you.