Love - an anatomical heart made of typewriter letters spelling “love”
Rebel girl - inspired by Kathleen Hanna & the Riot Grrrl movement
My sanity, me - Let people know your dissociation disorder from first glance
Anxiety - nothing dissolves it quite like shouting out your affliction to complete strangers
Peee peeee wee weee - it’s a Penis wearing a Fez, with wee… lot’s of wee because we’re all about high-brow humour here
Spider - the self aware Latin spider
Frothin' till coffin - you gotta froth to get off!
Satan - because that dude is seriously underrated
Eat shit and die - let people know exactly how you feel about them
Peace - typewriter letters spelling “world” and titled “hope”
Gently - hands holding a bleeding heart... You got to nuture those slippery suckers
I'm going to kill you - I may not have a degree in ethics, but i’m pretty sure if you warn your victim… it’s totally fine
Kiss - lips made up of typewriter letters “x” with a “me” hidden in there
Trance McShady - it says it all... you can keep yourself pure, whilst still being a little bit dirty
Boat - the lonely man afloat your left nipple, with ripples.
Hail skatan - printed on the back of the t-shirt with the Trance McShady logo on the front
Frothin' till coffin - you gotta froth to get off!
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$60.00 AUD


100% organic cotton
Fair Wear Foundation
Hand printed with solvent free eco paint

Because the earth deserves better, and so do you

Mathijs is 181cm & 78kg – he wears a medium

At Trance McShady we pride ourselves on our ethical approach and transparency, so in the highly unlikely scenario that you are unsatisfied with your product in any way you can return it to us within five days of receiving it for a full refund, you will only be required to pay for the return postage to –

Nicholas Maricic
2 leithead street
Brunswick 3056

you may also reach us via email at info@trancemcshady.com